Location of settlements in and around Rajaji National Park

Formation of Forest Rights Committees

and Legal awareness

Spreading awareness about the land rights and bringing locals together to form a regional Forest Rights Committee which will work on the land rights of Van Gujjar tribal community, eventually helping in establishing an identity.
Sangathan helps the community in mapping the region and works with SDLC for legal processes
This work is spread across two states and eleven different districts as mentioned below
Uttarakhand- Haridwar, Dehradun, Uttarkashi, Tehri, Pauri, Rudraprayag, Udhamsingh nagar, Nainital
Uttar Pradesh- Saharangpur, Bijnor, Rampur

Forest conservation

Celebration of Sela Parva, A traditional festival in which the community comes together to plant native trees all over the Jungle and setting up water sources was revived by the Van Gujjar Tribal Yuva Sanghatan in Kumaon and Garhwal mandal Uttarakhand.
Seeds desperation and recording this diversification for forest conservation perspective using Gojri buffalo as medium.
Nature conservation education provided to community kids on a regional level where the next generation will get to know how the community helps the jungle.
Conduction of Tribal Safaris and Jungle Safaris for ecologically inclined tourists willing to understand Gujjar way of living.
Conduction of Alpine treks which trace the migration routes of the pastors to give a deeper understanding.


Five local yet resourceful centers where kids from surrounding communities learn basic mathematics, languages and arts.
Working on more such community schools which will help the kids start their educational journey
Working in Collaboration with organizations such as Wise Bridge, etc.


Establishment of five Van Gujjar ccommunitie’s tribal handicraft centers with the intention of preservation and conservation of our traditional knowledge of arts and crafts.
Products such as- Jewelry, Paronda, Cap, Khent, Rassi (Rope for the cattles), Grass broom and so on
Production of Forest products using traditional techniques taught by forefathers. Products such as- Honey, Gojjri Milk, Alpine Ghee, Paneer, Mawa, Cheese